For the Love of Hermès

Hermes+Birkin+BagWho doesn’t love anything Hermès? CBS News takes a look behind the incredible success of the French luxury goods and fashion house of Hermès, founded by Thierry Hermès in 1837. Now sixth generation members of the founding families, Axel Dumas (CEO) and Pierre-Alexi Dumas (Creative Director), are in charge of leading the former riding gear leather goods-only company into the 21st century. And they are doing so with great panache…from furniture to clothing but with most notoriety for $2500+ handbags, especially the Birkin (named for the English actress and singer Jane Birkin) or the Kelly (named for the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly), most with waiting lists for over 4 years. Their more affordable
silk scarves ($400+), often with images of horses or riding gear, are still highly collectible with most designs taking over 2 years of design handiwork from concept to production.

Stop by the landmark Hermès headquarters at 24 Rue Faubourg St Honore for a full immersion next time you are in Paris. We definitely will!


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